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On behalf of everyone at 9 Lives Design, I am proud to present you with your new identity. Keeping your company consistent and professional should be easy, so we put all your brand assets in one place. Files may be downloaded directly to any device while you're on the go. Working with a printer? Send them this link so they can select and download the correct file type. Now get out there and kick some ass!


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Your brand spanking new logo will be placed on all kinds of cool stuff and you'll need different variations to suit its location. Find the appropriate version below and download the required format. If you're unsure what to use, email or call 9 Lives Design and we'll help you select the best logo for the job.


The primary version of your logo should be the one used most often. This will be the logo that people will come to associate with your brand so you should place it wherever you can.

Primary Reversed

Nobody likes a white box around their logo. Therefore, we designed your logo so it can be used with a dark background allowing the logo and brand to be flexible in its usage.


This stacked variation can be used if the allotted space doesn’t allow for the primary logo.

Secondary Reversed

This variation can be used if space does not allow for the primary logo when a reversed version is needed.

One Colour - Black

Planning on doing some embroidery or getting laser-cut decals? Pass along this single tone variation to your supplier.

One Colour - White

Similar to the black logo above, this is a single tone white variation for dark backgrounds.

Secondary Dark Mono

Stacked version of the secondary variation. Best used if the logo is being placed in a square area.

Secondary Light Mono

Stacked monochromatic variation for dark backgrounds.

Hard Hat Symbol

The logo without the wordmark is known as the Hard Hat or symbol.

Symbol Reversed

The Hard Hat with a white outlined needed when used on a dark background.

Dark Mono

The Hard Hat when needed for embroidery or black and white material.

Light Mono

Monochromatic variation for dark backgrounds.

Join The Crew

Join Button

Much like Facebook's Like Button Icon, this asset is meant to represent the concept of “joining the crew” in digital media.

This asset is meant to represent "joining the crew" in non-functional forms such as print, TV and film or on-screen presentations.


When the above asset is used on a dark background.

Dark Mono

For black and white print media.

Light Mono

For black and white print media on a dark background.

Mobile App Icons


Assets required for iOS apps. Download Adobe Illustrator file to access the working icons.


Assets required for Android apps. Download Adobe Illustrator file to access the working icons.


These should be used as the primary colours for all print and web communications.


Stratum No. 2

Stratum should be used for all internal and external communications. All headers, sub-headers, and body copy should follow the formats listed below.

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